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Our Story

Responsibly sourced and morally priced.

A sweet but chic change for high end jewelry.


Founded in Los Angeles, California, Diamonds & Desserts is an eCommerce-based brand focused on modern manufacturing, ethical sourcing, and real, solid gold. We’ve evolved from two generations of miners, cutters, wholesalers, and designers.

Quality jewelry is our passion, and we’re setting new standards.

Our Vision

We design lavish, deliciously-stylish jewelry that’s both high end and attainable, thanks to our streamlined production process and obsession with quality. Our designs are every bit as durable as they are beautiful—a rare treat in a fast fashion-obsessed world.

We believe a girl can have knockout style without paying more for her jewelry than she spends on rent. We’ve also seen the excess and the waste in our industry, and we’re here to make a diamond-encrusted, responsibly-sourced, shimmering change for the better.

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