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Our designs are created with solid 14k gold and natural responsibly sourced gemstones, in cooperation with the miners and cutters who share our values

natural diamonds

We’ll never use lab created diamonds. Every hand selected diamond is natural and directly from the cutters themselves. From the source to you.

real, solid gold

We only use solid 14k gold. We’ll never take a lesser metal and gold plate it.

natural gemstones

We hand select every gemstone we use. Buying directly from the source to ensure every stone meets our standards.


Our jewelry is created here in L.A., Using modern techniques like 3d printing to ensure each one of our creations are brought to life with streamlined technology. By focusing our production in L.A., we reduce (and nearly eliminate) imperfections from our pieces—a common problem of overseas manufacturing.

local craftsmen

Our network of individual craftsman throughout Los Angeles all bring a personal touch to each piece. They are the same craftsman from your 5th Ave. brands.

made to order

We don’t mass produce anything. This allows us to cut out the excess and waste our industry is known for.

We believe a girl can have knockout style without paying more for her jewelry than she spends on rent.

We’ve also seen the excess and the waste in our industry, and we’re here to make a diamond-encrusted, responsibly-sourced, shimmering change for the better.




no middlemen

Our 30 year relationship with the industry allows us to source directly from the cutters themselves.

no overhead

We’re an online native brand. We have no large salesforce or retail locations. Passing the savings on to you.

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